Global-7 (G-7) is an international non-profit founded by a seventeen year old student in Sacramento, CA in 2008. Her vision was that by working with informally organized groups and by providing initial seed funding, G-7 would create a platform for youth leaders who possess an entrepreneurial drive to address the challenges their communities face. In the past 7 years, G-7 has opened four local chapters in California, Washington D.C., Argentina, and Nicaragua and designed and implemented 25+ pilot projects that have been locally driven and have become self-sustainable after 2-4 years.


Global-7 Receives David H. Gunning Award

Global-7 was selected as the DAI David Gunning Community Service scholarship recipient in Washington D.C. on November 9, 2015. This is the first time G-7 has received funding from a private organization in Washington D.C. The entirety of the scholarship will go to the expansion of the program to Colombia, the fourth country where G-7 has presence worldwide. G-7 will partner with ACESO, a technical and vocational training program for youth, women, and vulnerable populations in Cartagena. ACESO is a program mainly funded by the Clinton Foundation and Carlos Slim and responds to the growing demand for service sector employment opportunities due to the increased tourism along the Caribbean coast. G-7 will work with ACESO to hire and mentor someone to actively recruit youth, women, and war victims to enroll into the school. G-7 will also cover the transportation costs of these students from rural areas, because for many the choice is food or education. In addition, G-7 will work with ACESO to build and maintain relationships with the surrounding hotels, restaurants, and other popular tourist attractions.



Hello fellow G-7 supporters! I finally made a facebook page so people can follow our latest projects. we had an amazingly successful trip this year! one of the cool new things we did was the 7 girls and I spoke at a bilingual school in Managua about starting a G-7 in Nicaragua led by 7 Nica girls. That way our projects could be more sustainable throughout the year and we can work together with Nicaraguans to increase education standards, make sure the recycling center is still useful for the community, etc. Anyways i hope you lovely ladies are happy and healthy!! message me if you have any ideas, updates, etc! I miss you chicas wayyy too much smile emoticon
- Caity C.

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